Randolph County Landmarks



Central School (Randolph County Training School) (Asheboro) 11/12/93


Coleridge Historic District (Coleridge) 11/13/76


Deep River-Columbia Manufacturing Company (Ramseur) 11/15/78


Franklinville Historic District (Franklinville) 12/20/84


Moses Hammond House (Archdale) 06/12/89


Jeduthan Harper House (Trinity vicinity) 06/22/79


Wilson Kindley Farm and Mine (Asheboro vicinity) 06/11/92


Marley House (Staley vicinity) 12/18/90


Mount Shepherd Pottery Site (Archaeology) (Asheboro vicinity) 02/01/80


Pisgah Community Covered Bridge (Pisgah) 01/20/72


Randolph County Courthouse (Asheboro) 05/10/79


Thayer Farm Site 31Rd10 (Archaeology) 08/28/86





County Courthouse (Asheboro)

Old Courthouse Square (Asheboro)

Franklinville factory and village

Cedar Falls factory (Franklinville)

Gollihorn Spring (Seagrove)

Page’s Toll House (Seagrove)

St. Paul’s Church (Randleman)

Sandy Creek Church (Liberty)

Faith Rock (Franklinville)

Buffalo Ford (Coleridge)

Adam’s Spring (New Salem)

Johnstonville (Channel 8 tower, US 311)

Mt. Shepherd Pottery (Tabernacle)

Enos Blair House (Trinity)

Pisgah Covered Bridge (Pisgah)

Andrew Balfour Graveyard (Asheboro Airport)

Trinity College (Trinity)


53 Responses to “Randolph County Landmarks”

  1. Dianna Attaway Says:

    I just purchased a print of a Fullers Mill covered bridge in Randolph County. I cannot find anything on this bridge. Can you help? I just want to find out a little bit about the history.

    • Joanne Fuller Says:

      My husband is a descent of the Fuller family of Randolph County. I wonder if there is a connection to Fullers Mill. Can you email me a picture of your print? Jakmom@gmail.com

  2. Ron Alexander Says:

    I absolutely love this website and blog. So much information about Randolph County.

  3. steven bryan Says:

    I am a direct decendent of Revolutionary War Capt. John Bryan who was murdered by David Fanning. We plan to visit Randolph County soon, is the John Bryan plantation home still standing?

    • Colon Farlow Says:

      Steven Bryan

      I live within a mile or two of where Captain John Bryant(sp) lived. We don’t know exactly where he lived but we know approximately where he lived. You might find pages 264-268 of this link interesting to read.
      This is an account written about 1854 by Rev. E W Carathers. He had interviewed my GG-Grandfather, Isaac Farlow, about Fanning’s raid that killed Captain John Bryant. My GGG-Grandfather, Nathan Farlow, and his wife laid out Captain John Bryant for burial the next morning after his murder.

      Colon Farlow

      • macwhatley Says:

        I am very familiar with Caruthers, and have quoted Isaac Farlow’s statement several times in these pages. It’s too bad it’s only known from the parts Rev. Caruthers quotes, as it would have made a fascinating book about early Quakers Revolutionary War Randolph County all by itself.

      • Steven Bryan Says:

        Mr Farlow, Thanks so much for posting the link. We have a family cookout this evening just a few miles from the plantation John Bryan Jr received with a land grant for his father’s service. We are interested in developing a web site around Capt John, any info linking Morgan Bryan and Capt John would be much appreciated. Also, can you give us the approximate site of Capt John’s plantation? Thanks, Steve

      • Steven Bryan Says:

        Does anyone know where Capt John Bryan or members of his family are buried?

      • Colon Farlow Says:

        1. This is the approximate location of Col. John Collier’s home according to the 1976 Bicentennial Randolph Co Map. But according to property owner there is no evidence of a house ever there. http://mapper.acme.com/?lat=35.81876&long=-79.89392&scale=10&theme=Image&width=3&height=2&dot=No According to letter from John Collier to his family he lived about 1 mile from Capt. John Bryan. These two coordinates are approximately 1 mile apart.
        2. This is the approximate home of Captain John Bryan according to the 1976 Bicentennial Randolph Co Map. http://mapper.acme.com/?lat=35.83107&long=-79.87404&scale=10&theme=Image&width=3&height=2&dot=No According to Caruthers Capt. John Bryan lived about ½ mile from New Market these coordinates are about ½ mile from old New Market.

    • Ann Bruce Says:

      Steven, I was browsing the internet regarding John Bryan and the Bryan family and saw your inquiries dated 2010. My husband and I are working on his ancestry. His mother was a Bryan and also there are Bryan’s on his father’s side (his father was a Bruce from Georgia). It seems the two families are tied together; however, I have questions regarding the lineage of Morgan Bryan who died in Rowan Co., NC. I would appreciate you corresponding with me. Ann

      • Steve Bryan Says:

        Hi Ann, I would be happy to share any information. Lately, as you’ll see in related posts, I’ve gotten conflicting versions of Captain Bryan’s relationship to our branch of the family, but we may still have a connection to Morgan Bryan. With the advances and affordability of DNA testing, we hope to have a definitive answer soon.

  4. Joseph Helinski Says:

    I have most of my John H. Elliott ancestry originating from Randolph, and Guilford Co., N.C., but prior to John H. Elliott has not revealed much. Sketchy at best on his ancestry. John H. was born about in 1812-1813, and later married Caroline Millikan. They later went to Henry Co., Indiana where John died in 1881 – in Prairie Township, Indiana.
    Information on John’s ancestry would help finish his lineage before 1812.

  5. Michael Link - Texas Says:

    My 6th G grandfather was Col John Collier who was fortunate enough to have escaped Fanning’s raid. His home was burned but he lived. I’m trying to locate where his home was located? It was approximatly (as reported) 3 miles SW of Bell’s Mill. If anyone can provide a GPS coord or just nearest cross streets and community name I would be so very appreciative.

    • Colon Farlow Says:

      I too have been trying to find where Col. John Collier lived. It must be within 1-2 miles of where I live. Go to these links and play with the various overlays.
      1. This is the approximate location of Col. John Collier’s home according to the 1976 Bicentennial Randolph Co Map. But according to property owner there is no evidence of a house ever there. http://mapper.acme.com/?lat=35.81876&long=-79.89392&scale=10&theme=Image&width=3&height=2&dot=No According to letter from John Collier to his family he lived about 1 mile from Capt. John Bryan. These two coordinates are approximately 1 mile apart.
      2. This is the approximate home of Captain John Bryan according to the 1976 Bicentennial Randolph Co Map. http://mapper.acme.com/?lat=35.83107&long=-79.87404&scale=10&theme=Image&width=3&height=2&dot=No According to Caruthers Capt. John Bryan lived about ½ mile from New Market; these coordinates are about ½ mile from old New Market.

      • macwhatley Says:

        It is not helpful in any way to try to use the 1976 “Bicentennial Map” for accurate historical research. They guy who printed it was no kind of historian. I was working in the Randolph Room when he buzzed through and got Bobbie Grigg to give him a list of “historic sites.” She put all kinds of things on the map, such as the place where Mr. Dollarhide killed the last buffalo on Little River. But she told me she didn’t even try to put them on the guy’s poor base map with any accuracy, #1, because she didn’t want pot hunters and metal detectors going to ruin the archeology sites, and #2, because it was pointless on a map of that scale to try to get things located with more accuracy than the correct township. The only “historical map” I have EVER relied upon is the Garland P. Stout map of Randolph County, or any of his other county maps. You cannot “overlay” one map on another and hope for accurate comparison. Even the 21st century county tax maps, located by airplane and satellite, are off by as much as 50 feet in any direction.

  6. Steven Bryan Says:

    Thanks for the coordinates. Does anyone know where Capt Bryan was buried?

  7. Sue Cole Says:

    Does anyone know where Farlow’s Creek is located? It runs into Caroway Creek from the east. I think it may be in the northern part of Caroway Creek, but I am not sure. I have never lived iin NC, so am having a great deal of difficulty locating things.

    I am also a descendant of Nathan Farlow, through his son Isaac, and then from Isaac’s son, William, who owned property at the junction of Caraway and Farlow’s Creeks before moving to IL. I have been studying the family for years.

    • Colon Farlow Says:

      Thanks to Mac Whatley who supplied me the information about William Farlow’s property as sold in 1842 and recorded in Randolph Co., NC Deep Book 25, page 102, I have plotted and located William Farlow’s property on a map. The north-west most point on this tract of land is about where Caraway Creek crosses Beeson Farm Road in Randolph County. Farlow Creek is not labeled as such on any map that I know of. On some maps this creek is labeled as Mountain Fork Creek, we now call it Machine Creek. It could have been called Farlow Creek because Farlow’s owned much of the land along the creek at that time. This property is about one mile from where I live.

      I too am a descendant of Nathan Farlow, through his son Isaac, and then from Isaac’s son to George.

      • Sue Cole Says:

        Nathan, I was delighted that you took the time to inform me about your finding the location of Wm Farlow’s property that he sold in 1842. Thank you!

        The best map that I have of Randolph County is the one drawn by G.P. Stout that locates many of the early landmarks. Caroway Creek is labeled on it, but there is no mention of Beeson Farm Road (probably the map is too early for that), or of the Farlow/Mt Fork/Machine Creek that you mentioned. My best guess is that the property was just west of Edgar. But then my Farlow roots were transplanted to the midwest in 1843, so I am directionaly-challenged when it comes to anything in NC.

        Do you have a copy of Stout’s map that you can transpose your plot of the property onto, and let me know the corner points as related to that map? If not is it possible for you to scan the plot that you have done on your map, and send it to my email, which I can give to you? Or any other suggestions would be most welcome.

        Thank you for any thoughts on this.

      • macwhatley Says:

        Garland Stout lived in Greensboro and I believe started making maps for every NC county as a retirement project. The Randolph County map was made in the late 1960s and updated until he died in the 80s. It is not an old original map of any kind, although he was a very careful scholar and the locations he put on his maps are generally accurate. I do not know what happened to his research notes after his death. The base maps for maps were generally taken from NC state highway road maps. The indicated names of water courses and old vanished post offices were based on his personal knowledge (his ancestors were from Randolph), and from many conversations with local genealogist Bobbie Griggs. I have never found many errors on the Stout map- unlike with the other readily available Randolph map, the “Bicentennial” map still give away in the Randolph Room. Fred somebody made that map and just stuck things anywhere. Mac Whatley

      • Sue Cole Says:


        Sorry to refer to you as “Nathan,” guess I was thinking of our common ancestor when I wrote that, and it was a little too early in the morning for me to be thinking clearly.

        I’m still trying to locate that north-west point of Wm Farlow’s land on the Stout map. Any thoughts on that?

    • Colon Farlow Says:


      Sorry I had not read the site in a few days. Beeson Farm Road is labeled 1525 on the G.P. Stout’s map. It runs NE from Flint Hill (near H8 on said map) to highway 311. I am pretty certain of the location I have for your William Farlow’s property sold in 1842 at the most north west corner at about the intersection of Caraway Creek and road 1525 (or Beeson Farm road.) I have this tract plotted on G. P. Stout’s map. If you have the 1842 Deed and Survey of William Farlow’s sold property, you will find 1 through 18 points detailed. Point 17 reads something like “to an ash on Caraway at some large rocks, thence south four degrees east four and a half chains…” This point is very near where Caraway runs under road 1525 (Beeson Farm). The creek crossings described in the Deed and Survey match the tract overlay-ed on the map very closely. Farlow Creek on the Deed and Survey is labeled Mountain Creek on G. P. Stout’s map, some maps label it Mountain Fork Creek.

      The first point in the Deed reads something like, “Beginning at and ash on the bank of Caraway near the ford ??? thence South 27 degrees West on John Farlow line thirty five and a half chains …” I think this point is centered on the + in the following link.
      If you look at the satellite view in the above link you will see a cleared path that looks like it could the boundary that is described running “South 27 degrees West on John Farlow line thirty five and a half chains…” The line actually measures about 33 degrees on the screen. If you zoom out one zoom you will see Caraway crossing under 1525 (Beeson Farm Road) to the northwest.

      If Mac Whatley will send me your email address I will email you a map with William Farlow’s tract overlay-ed on it.

      • Sue Cole Says:

        Thank you, Colon, I am indeed impressed with your diligence and preciseness in pinointing this tract of land. And, I would be very excited to get your overlay on the G P Stout map. I sent an email to Mac Whatley asking if he would please send my email address to you.

        Thank you for sharing something that I have been pondering over for some time!

  8. Rick Buck Says:

    Billy Farlow lives on Davie Mountain, (firetower), son of Dr. ? Farlow.
    Oakmont @ the fence.

    I’ve seen Farlows Creek (on a map) running from Caraway Mountain
    clear across the county with a written reference of it near Cox’s Mill…
    not sure which one, but will look for it again.

    Anyone with more on why the firetower mountain is refered to as
    “Davies Mountain”, perhaps a reference to G.W.M. Davie?

    And anyone with more on David Fanning?

  9. Sue Cole Says:

    Thanks for some info re Farlow’s Creek, Rick . What do you mean by “Oakmont @ the fence?” How would I contact Billly Farlow? Not being from the area, I am a little dense on these things.

    Have you had any more thoughts on what map you may have found Farlow’s Creek? Caraway is such a long Creek that I don’t know where the vacinity of the connection with Farlow’s Creek is, or might have been.

    Does anyone have further thoughts on this? Any information would be much appreciated.

    Thanks !!!

  10. jerrydavis@northstate.net Says:

    My grandfather was Troy Millikan, grandson of William Millikan. The family believes the old homeplace was located at N35.7767 W79.84915. Troy Millikan home is still standing at N35.78356W79.85852

  11. Carol Richards Says:

    I am in the process of submitting my DAR application. I’m interested in who John Bryan’s ancestors are. Have not been able to identify as there is much confusion regarding John Bryan’s ancestors since there are more than 1 John Bryan. Any help would be appreciated.
    Carol Richards

  12. Steven Bryan Says:

    Carol, John Bryan, Jr (my great3 grandfather) received a land grant in Coffee County, Tn for Capt John’s Revolutionary War service. We are also trying to make a direct connection to Rebecca Bryan who married Daniel Boone. If they are related, as we believe they are, lots of info is available about her ancestors. I’m hoping the Land Grant application will have Capt John’s parents listed, but we haven’t located a copy. Let me know of any leads. Thanks, Steve

  13. Guy DeBryan Says:

    Thanks to the Curtis family the myth has been dismissed that Capt John Bryan (Jr.) that was killed during Fanning’s Deep River Raid being descended from Morgan Bryan Sr. or any of his descendants. http://www.solomoncurtis.com/

  14. Guy DeBryan Says:

    The Curtis family does not expound upon this Capt John Bryan to debunk the myth that this Capt John Bryan was the son of Morgan Bryan. However, the facts are presented that show the myth is false. There still is a possibility that Capt John Bryan’s line could be related to Morgan Bryan, but not directly. To be more specific: http://www.solomoncurtis.com/uploads/AlFieldArticleReCurtis.pdf
    shows the family connections of the John Bryans that moved from Virginia to Randolph County.

    Click to access WilliamDoubBennettCurtisResearch.pdf

    shows land records and entries for the deaths of both JOhn Bryans that lived in the Deep River area where Fanning made his March 1782 raid. Particularly interesting is that this John Bryan Sr who died in 1790 had a brother named Peter which does not fit with any sons of Morgan Bryan. Please read these and I believe it will become clear.

  15. Steven Bryan Says:

    A general posting where?

  16. Steven Bryan Says:

    Captain John Bryan was killed during Fanning’s raid in March, 1782.

  17. Guy DeBryan Says:

    (Capt) John Bryan (Jr.) was killed during Fanning’s Deep River Raid in 1782. His father John Bryan Sr. died in 1790. Please read the links of the posting I made on https://randolphhistory.wordpress.com/randolph-county-landmarks/

  18. Steven Bryan Says:

    I had never heard Capt John Bryan referred to as Jr. He also had a son named John that moved to Tennessee in 1806. This John Bryan was my GGG Grandfather.

    • Guy DeBryan Says:

      The John Bryan you are relating yourself to seems to be the one married to Elizabeth Frances Battle of Rowan County who died prior to November 1781.

      In the Rowan Court 7 Aug 1781: John Johnston, Esquire, to restore to Elizabeth (Frances Battle) Bryan, admx. of the estate of John Bryan, deceased, letters of Administration. Elizabeth Bryan, qualified and gave Joseph Bryan and John Hampton, security in 1000 pounds specie. Inventory filed 6 Nov 1781

      The Deep River Raid occurred in March 1782. I just explained with the Curtis Family website material that the John Bryan who married a Martha of Randolph County was the Capt John Bryan killed by Fanning.

      Randolph Co., NC
      Bond of Martha Bryant, William Robbins, Administrators, dated 12 June 1782 Estate of John Bryant, deceased, no will being found. Witnessed by Joseph Robbins.

  19. Vernece Willett Says:

    I am trying to find any information on Eleazer Church Cemetery. I have recently visited this cemetery which is located off Burney Mill Rd. How do I find out who to contact that might have recorded burial sites of this church? There are many grave sites that are unmarked. I have found the marker for my GGGrandmother, Catherine Leach, but have not found her husband, John Leach. I think at one time it was called Methodist Episcopal Church.

    Thank You

  20. Greta Lint Says:

    I suggest you contact the attorney Mac Whatley. He has written a couple of books about the history of Randolph County and is considered the official county historian. He is also on Facebook.

  21. Ann Bruce Says:

    Thank you. We have a tree on ancestry. I think my husband is kin to the Bryan’s on both sides of his family from Cornelius O’Bryan on one side and Morgan Bryan on the other side. I am new to this site and have missed prior discussions. I don’t know how to see if you and I agree. Let me know if it is not too much trouble. Thanks, Ann

  22. Gary Strader Says:

    @Colin Farlow, the co-ordinates that you gave for the location of William Farlows’ Property Location would actually be onff Beckerdite Rd, and was maost likely a part of a large tract of land that does, (or did) belong to Youth Unlimited. The property was owned by Howard Kiss, a Quaker in the Marlboro Friends Church Meeting, in the 1960s. He transferred this land tract of several hundred acres to Youth Unlimited in or around 1972.

    If you will plug in the co ordinates, and use the overlays in Google Earth you will see this in the overlays. I do know that piece of history on the land, as I know Howard Kiss personally. The “large rocks” referred too is in the NW corner of the land nearest Beeson Rd. Howard used to call that spot “Inspiration Point”.

    Hope that helps. Any questions, email me: glstrader@gmail.com

  23. Lynn Fuller Powell Says:

    I’m looking for anything about Fuller Mill. Years ago I was given a newspaper from Randolph Co that had an article and photo of the Mill. I have lost or misplaced this paper and would love to replace the photo and article. Thank you.

    • macwhatley Says:

      There is a picture of a baptizing a Fuller’s Mill, and a picture of the Fuller’s Mill covered bridge, in my 2010 Images of America book “Randolph County.” It is available on Amazon.

  24. Jim S Says:

    Looking for information about a lady named ” Mana Foust ”
    or the Foust Family that had a large farm in Randolph Co 1860’s

  25. Jim Spivey Says:

    Looking for information about a settlement around Hopewell Church near Trinity by the name of ” La Grange ” which had a Post Office 1827 – 1866 of which Alexander Hogan was Postmaster.
    Trying to find exact location for historical purposes.

  26. Thomas Farlow Says:

    I descend from Nathan Farlow’s brother, George. Very interesting reading here and hope someday to make the trip to North Carolina

  27. archie mcgee Says:

    it would be nice to save the Cox’s Mill on Mill Creek. Ms Cox’ s home and the Mill are on about 10+ or – acres. It may be in transition soon. She has no children. The mill is still not too far gone. We do not have a working mill in this county . We know the history of the Buffalo Ford area during Revolutionary& Civil War times. This Mill is built in a similar style to the Earlier 18th century Mills on the property. Its could be a treasure to the Piedmont.

  28. Robbie Wright Says:

    Any history or pictures of Fuller Mill ?

    • Robbie Wright Says:

      Any history or pictures of Fuller Mill ?
      Just read post, found where to get my picture . My family lived in and around the Uwharrie River , eventually Silver Valley , Davidson County . This was before , during Revolutionary War and the Civil War . Anyone with any connections to the Wright name in this period ?

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