Notes on Local History

There have been many times over the years that I’ve needed to share information on the history of Randolph County with other people, and I’ve decided to open this blog as a way of making that task easier.

For example, tomorrow I will be lecturing the 2007 class of the Asheboro-Randolph Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Randolph, and I want to avoid the xeroxed handouts I’ve used for many years. Last year I distributed a CD of information- but it was hard and expensive to duplicate 30+ CDs.

So give me feedback about this method– I’ll post links and photos and the old Historical Chronology of Randolph County here, and you let me know if this is easy enough to use.




One Response to “Notes on Local History”

  1. Betty Bouldin Says:

    Greeting from eastern Orange County (Chapel Hill)!

    I’m embarrassed to report that I’ve only this morning just discovered your extraordinary web site. Congratulations on the 2009 award and even more, on this excellent resource! Will be eager to reading all your entries.

    I arrived at it via a Goolge search for Cox’s Mill, referenced in a 1995 Southern Friends’ article by Seth Hinshaw about my husband’s (Thomas Bouldin, a 1966 grad of Trinity High) ancestor Isham Cox. According to Hinshaw, Isham (a Civil War era Quaker leader buried at Rocky River Friends Church) descended from Thomas Cox, perhaps the mill owner?

    I’ve been tracing links to the Randolph Co. Bouldins and Coxes for a few months and am delighted to find you! Would love to know more about your Randolph Co. interest and impetus to develop this great web site.

    Many thanks,
    Betty Bouldin

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